Remembering Her Majesty The Queen

I’ve been struck by the sad news of the Queen’s passing and wanted to extend my condolences and best regards to all in the UK, and the commonwealth countries, for the loss of a truly remarkable moral and social leader. I have always viewed the Queen as a beacon of reason, stability, steadfastness, civility, kindness and care – in a world that is often challenging and divisive.

We have lost an incredible statesperson of unmatched positive influence, and now those tasks of civility, kindness, and caring fall to us all to carry forward – as part of her lasting legacy.

Thank you for a life devoted to public service

The Queen devoted her life to public service and was a regular visitor to the NHS front line services. It is a testament to her high regard for the NHS that she awarded the George Cross to all workers across all four nations for their courageous efforts throughout the life on the NHS, but particularly during the pandemic – something that we at Imprivata echo.

As a mark of respect we have paused our marketing activities during the mourning period, and this includes our UK HealthCon. A new date will be communicated soon.

Myself and my colleagues at Imprivata will be thinking of you all on Monday, the official day of mourning.