Imprivata OneSign 7.0 and Web SSO Enables Fast, Seamless Access to Cloud and On-premises Applications

New version of Imprivata OneSign® delivers secure, transparent access to on-prem and cloud applications to support hybrid environments in healthcare organisations

London, England–January 28, 2020—Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, has announced the availability of OneSign 7.0 with Imprivata Web SSO to enable fast, secure access to cloud applications from any device, anywhere. The new Web SSO capability is an integrated component of Imprivata OneSign® 7.0, the newest version of healthcare’s leading authentication and access management solution. As healthcare organisations continue to adopt cloud technology, Imprivata enables clinicians and all other users throughout the healthcare sector to quickly and easily access both on-premises and cloud applications from any device, including mobile devices, personal laptops, virtual desktops, and more.

“Healthcare is becoming a hybrid environment. The continuing adoption of cloud applications in conjunction with on-prem applications and systems is trending healthcare infrastructures towards a hybrid state. That shift coupled with the increasingly distributed workforce continues to contribute to the erosion of the once well-defined IT security perimeter,” said Gus Malezis, CEO at Imprivata. “To support the adoption of cloud technology without disrupting user experience or the delivery of patient care, we continue to evolve our solutions to deliver secure, frictionless access to all applications, regardless of whether they are on-prem or in the cloud.”

Imprivata Web SSO integrates seamlessly with Imprivata OneSign badge-tap access to provide near password-less authentication into corporate devices, including shared workstations. For organisations using Microsoft Windows 10, Imprivata Web SSO enables increased clinician engagement with cloud applications from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

To improve security, safeguard against unauthorised access to cloud applications, and support GDPR compliance and cyber security requirements, Imprivata Web SSO supports seamless multifactor authentication. Organisations can leverage innovative and convenient authentication options—including push token notification—to ensure multifactor authentication is transparent to users and does not disrupt clinical workflows. For prescribers, Imprivata delivers multifactor authentication options for electronic prescribing, providing a secure audit trail, while ensuring that all authentication workflows are fast and familiar.

Daniel Johnston, Mres, RN, Clinical Workflow Lead at Imprivata comments; “The recent UK Government pledge of £40m investment for systems that address the barriers to technology in the NHS highlights that slow login times are the main frustration of NHS staff.  Clinicians can be battling as many as 15 different systems and some GP practices report as much as 17 minutes to login into their PCs – the equivalent of almost two appointments. In a recent NHSX survey clinicians cited slow login times as their second highest tech frustration. 

“Imprivata OneSign directly tackles the issues of lengthy and complex logins and authentication management. The new Imprivata Web SSO does even more to empower clinicians and caregivers at the point of care by providing fast, one-click access to many more applications.”

The addition of Imprivata Web SSO into Imprivata OneSign 7.0 adds seamless cloud access for Imprivata customers, making the Imprivata Digital Identity portfolio the industry’s most comprehensive and market leading solution for healthcare. Imprivata continues to define identity and access management with purpose-built solutions for the healthcare enterprise. With these latest enhancements, healthcare organisations can rely on a trusted partner as they embrace digital transformation.

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