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Customer success


What we do

At Imprivata, our goal is to deliver a signature experience, based on providing value through positive outcomes, that ensures we create customers for life – at Imprivata, customers come first, all the time, every time. 

We are committed to customer success – it’s our brand promise.

We aim to be proactive in taking you from where you are today to an optimised state. 

How do you get end users to adopt new technology quickly? How can you improve workflows and increase end user productivity? How can you address your security and compliance goals? How can you drive success even as an organisation grows? Is there a way to assess risk that leads to stronger operations? How do you quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues? How do you ensure you achieve ROI from your program? 

Imprivata has the answers, and we'll make sure you do, too.

Imprivata Customer Success

Tony Lenox, SVP of Customer Success, discusses how the Imprivata Customer Success team works with each organisation to ensure customers for life. 

How we do it 

Delivering quality products that solve our customers’ needs for secure and convenient authentication is only part of the process for delivering success to you, our customer. 

By understanding the problems that our customers face, we are able to enable secure, efficient, compliant, and scalable delivery of care by guiding our customers with best practices. We bring our collective knowledge to every customer interaction by maintaining IT and clinical alignment on solution configuration and deployment. 

We're not content to provide quick-hit installation and rollout followed up by junior customer support. We aim to provide true ROI to our customers. For clinicians, that means streamlined clinical workflows, efficiency, and simplicity. For IT, that means lower overhead, fewer service desk calls, and streamlined processes. And the healthcare organisation as a whole benefits from an increase in productivity, time savings, and resource savings. 

Our customers thrive and grow throughout their adoption of Imprivata technology thanks to proven methodologies, broad professional services, proactive customer success initiatives, and excellent customer support, all of which we have perfected over our thousands of implementations. 

We are always here for you, our customer.

Why it matters 

The purchase of one of our innovative products is just the beginning. We see it as the start to a partnership and beautiful relationship that will grow and strengthen with time. The experience you have with Imprivata through this partnership is everything to us and it is how we ensure you succeed.

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