Maintenance and Support Appendix

Maintenance and Support Appendix

Imprivata, Inc. (“Imprivata”) will provide the maintenance and support services (“Maintenance and Support”) as further described herein to you (“Customer”) during the Subscription Term for the applicable Cloud Services for which Customer has paid the applicable fees. Terms not otherwise defined herein shall be defined as set forth in the Master Cloud Services Agreement. The descriptions that follow apply only to the Maintenance and Support offered directly from Imprivata. Imprivata’s authorized resellers may offer different maintenance and support options and should be contacted for information specific to their policies.

Term and Pricing

  1. Maintenance and Support for the Cloud Services is included in the cost for the applicable Subscription Term and shall commence on Imprivata’s provision of access to the Cloud Services and continue for the duration of the Subscription Term.
  2. Imprivata may, upon sixty (60) days’ notice, change the Maintenance and Support descriptions effective at the start of the next Subscription Term hereunder.

Maintenance Release Updates and Support

  1. Imprivata will provide maintenance release updates and support services for the Cloud Services as further described in the Documentation and the Imprivata Support and Learning Center. In the event Imprivata, in its sole discretion, determines that certain software can no longer be supported, such software shall be classified as “End-of-Maintenance Software”. Imprivata will provide Customer with notice of any End-of-Maintenance Software at least ninety (90) days’ prior to the start of its next renewal term. In the event Customer wishes to continue to receive Maintenance and Support for such “End-of-Maintenance Software”, Imprivata may apply additional charges on the next renewal term to support such End-of-Maintenance Software notwithstanding any other pricing commitments agreed upon between Imprivata and Customer.

Imprivata Cloud Services Maintenance and Support

  1. Maintenance and Support shall be provided for the purpose of investigating Imprivata Cloud Services errors that have been reported by Customer. Imprivata will acknowledge to Customer receipt of a reported error in accordance with Section 6 below and will diagnose and may attempt to recreate Customer-detected errors, provided that the error can be recreated without Customer-specific environment or customization. Imprivata will use commercially reasonable efforts to develop a workaround for the error. To report an error, Customer shall submit to Imprivata the priority of the issue, any log, trace or dump files requested, a clear description of the problem and error message(s), information regarding the equipment and operating system on which the software is loaded, and any other data that Imprivata may reasonably request in order to attempt to diagnose or reproduce the conditions under which the error occurred. Imprivata will not provide Maintenance and Support for issues resulting from: (i) any damage or failure resulting from any cause beyond Imprivata’s reasonable control, including without limitation, unauthorized or third-party modifications or repairs, products not supplied by Imprivata; (ii) additions, extensions, customizations or Customer modifications to the Imprivata Cloud Services (including on-premises components where applicable); (iii) instances where the Cloud Services (including on-premises components where applicable) are used in combination with any other third party software that it is not a supported environment; and (iv) incidents caused by Customer's negligent use of the Imprivata Cloud Services (including on-premises components where applicable).
  2. Imprivata may from time-to-time release updates to current versions of the Cloud Services (including on-premises components where applicable) to correct defects, as maintenance releases, as upgrades or new major versions. Updates are included as part of your Maintenance and Support coverage during the Subscription Term.
  3. New software features and functionality offered in major new versions, if priced separately, are not included in Maintenance and Support coverage during a Subscription Term, but rather must be purchased separately. Additionally, any incremental platform required to support new software features and functionality is also priced separately.
  4. Imprivata may require remote access to expedite an investigation. Third party tools, such as Zoom, are commonly used for this purpose. Other options are also available when needed. Resolution of issues may take longer if no remote access is permitted to the environment and the issue cannot be reproduced.

Supported Components

  1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Imprivata will provide Maintenance and Support for the Imprivata Cloud Services when used in connection with those third party applications, operating systems, databases, and key system components (“Third Party Component(s)”) listed on the Imprivata Supported Component matrix for the applicable Imprivata Software (each a “Supported Environment”), copies of such matrices are located at the Imprivata Support and Learning Center website at:
  2. When a Third Party Component reaches the end of its primary or mainstream support, Imprivata will no longer provide Maintenance and Support for Imprivata Cloud Services that interoperate with such Third Party Component. Third Party Components under extended third party vendor support are also not supported by Imprivata. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Imprivata Support will accept support incidents for Imprivata Cloud Services used in connection with a Third Party Component that is not used in a Supported Environment, provided, however, Imprivata will only troubleshoot the issue up to the point that Imprivata in its sole discretion determines the problem is related to the Imprivata Cloud Services being used with a Third Party Component that is not a Supported Environment. At such point, Imprivata Support will require Customer to be able reproduce the error in a Supported Environment.

Custom Development and Maintenance

  1. The development of customizations within Imprivata Cloud Services is not within the scope of Imprivata Maintenance and Support. Imprivata Professional Services should be contacted for assistance with developing customizations for Imprivata Cloud Services. Imprivata Professional Services may provide fee-based custom development services to Customer pursuant to a statement of work. Imprivata Professional Services may be engaged for assistance with customized components which no longer function properly following an upgrade of Imprivata Cloud Services or other environmental change.

Imprivata Customer Support

  1. Customers can find information on Imprivata’s customer support services in the Imprivata Customer Support Handbook available on the Imprivata Support and Learning Center website. This includes information on:
    1. Contact information and standard support hours
    2. Support case handling process
    3. Case priority classifications and service level response times
  2. The Imprivata Support and Learning Center website can be found at the following URL: Login credentials are required to access to the Imprivata Support and Learning Center. Customer may register as a new contact at the same URL.


  1. Imprivata reserves the right to suspend Maintenance and Support to Customer in the event Customer’s payment for the applicable Cloud Service under any invoice is more than thirty (30) days past due.