Imprivata was in the news yesterday morning. Didn’t notice? Good.

You’d be forgiven for not noticing Imprivata in the news yesterday morning. After all, the main news we’re all talking about is the administration of the first COVID-19 vaccine in the UK. And we should be talking about it. It’s a major step towards curtailing the pandemic that healthcare organizations – and, in truth, all of us – are contending with.

But, actually, the coverage of that story is also where you can find Imprivata – really. We’re not mentioned anywhere; there’s no shoutout. Just as it should be.

Imprivata is, and always has been, in the business of streamlining and securing clinical workflows in pursuit of giving time back to clinicians. We often talk about our products offering “invisible security,” and we’re proud of that – proud to be working behind the scenes to ensure the secure delivery of care.

That brings us to yesterday’s news. We’re there, just behind the scenes, making sure healthcare organizations and workers are able to do their jobs, quickly and efficiently.

Missed the video of history being made? Watch it here.

Customer success during COVID-19

Imprivata offers digital identity management solutions for healthcare delivery organizations globally. During COVID-19, we’re still committed to customer success and ensuring the fast and secure delivery of care.