We offer specialized expertise within Citrix entire product range and we are one of few in the country that are specialized on Citrix. We have delivered solutions for over 15 years based on Citrix products; everything between small tactical solutions to strategic solutions for tens of thousands of users. The solutions are central and they put a demand on the infrastructure components; this has meant for us that we have good knowledge in storage, communications, security, etc.

Imprivata´s solution can radically reduce the cost of an activity, while adding considerable business benefits. For this reason we always begin, as a rule with an analysis of the activities and needs for your company, in order to create the best possible conditions in the solutions.

We prioritize your activities and your success; it is your success that creates the foundation of our success. We analyze your needs and challenges and then we plan and design a solution so that all the skills in your company are being utilized optimally and appropriately. We do this by focusing on your business. We have many examples where we both directly and indirectly have increased our costumer’s profitability. We put the focus on the user in the center of the business today because they are the competence. We make sure that your co-workers, costumers, suppliers and partners receive a more efficient IT-environment. In this environment you will always have your information accessible.

This foundation that we are building for you means that your company saves time, money and resources. We can guarantee that the environmental impact of your solution will be minimal, because we choose to use both existing and new resources in the most efficient manner as possible.

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