Adexsus, SA

Adexsus Technology Group began operations in November 2001 in Santo Domingo. Our offerings include solutions for antivirus, intrusion prevention and detection, solutions analysis, network monitoring and diagnostics, content filtering, multi-factor user authentication, data encryption, networking via VPN, forensic analysis, storage and blogs admin (log) and hardware solutions for computer systems. Our products are backed by world-class manufacturers such as McAfee, Imprivata, LogLogic, SolarWinds, BlueCoat, SpectorSoft, Network Instruments, SonicWall, GFI, Microsoft, SafeNet and others. We also provide professional consulting services, programming, integration and system audits and other value added services. Adexsus has a highly qualified staff with over 15 years of IT experience providing solutions and services in different market segments.  Our clients are in the areas of financial services, telecommunications, industry, trade, tourism and government.