IPG Austria GmbH

As experts in IAM, IPG offers solutions for the comprehensive protection of user data and access rights to companies and administrations across the whole economy.

IPG employees specialize in the planning and implementation of solutions for the administration of user data and access rights. Their many years of project experience guarantee a comprehensive understanding of all topics involving Identity & Access Management. With the appropriate Identity & Access Management solution, the confidentiality of personal health data is ensured and complies with national legal provisions.

IPG experts use established IAM knowledge to build bridges between organization and information technology. Customers from all industries trust in the "Enablers" function of IPG. As the preferred partner of software manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, the company has headquarters in Winterthur, Bern, Constance, Berlin and Vienna.

  • phone: +43 1 71 728 464
  • website: http://www.ipg-group.com
  • address: Am Europlatz 2
  • city: Wien
  • postal code: 1100
  • country: AT
  • near non-host countries: Austria