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AXI is an end to end IT partner, located in Belgium and The Netherlands, that invests in the success of your organization

We create, develop and manage innovative software solutions in retail, government, healthcare, services and industry sectors.

We make it a priority to understand our client’s business challenges which enables us to implement new insights, software and technologies in the best possible way.

We work agile, together with our client. With our managed cloud and infrastructure services we unburnden our customers to a maximum.

As an IT partner we give our clients suitable solutions. We always start from the needs and wishes of the users to develop or implement an ICT solution. A successful implementation is only possible if the ICT solution actually does what was promised.

We highly value feedback and take recommendations of users into account when developing the solution’s roadmap.

  • phone: +32 (0)3 860 40 00
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  • address: Molenweg 107
  • city: Willebroek
  • postal code: 2830
  • country: BE
  • near non-host countries: Belgium