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Emerging Global Technologies (EGT) of Abu Dhabi is the official distributor for Imprivata's solutions in the Middle East. EGT has a diversified portfolio of products and services as well as extensive experience in healthcare and Information Technology. EGT has been a successful Imprivata partner, and the collaboration has now deepened into an exclusive distributor relationship for the healthcare market in the region.

EGT’s regional expertise combined with Imprivata’s Digital Identity solutions will help clinicians focus more on patient care, reducing time spent on accessing systems and workflows, paperwork, and administration.

  • phone: +971 2 626 3611
  • website: https://www.em-t.com
  • email: ehealth@em-t.com
  • address: Ahmed Jumaa Al Za-abee Building, #20, Mezzanine Floor, Muroor Road, PO Box 42010
  • state: AZ
  • country: AE
  • near non-host countries: United Arab Emirates