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The balance of security and workflow efficiency is more complex than ever for healthcare IT organisations. That trend only promises to continue, as clinicians and back office staff become more mobile.

The pressure for speed in execution is constant, but on the flip-side, security and efficiency seem to be at odds and IT teams have to find the right way to balance the dynamic between those two critical requirements.

As budgets for technologies to manage these challenges – and more – have become tighter, an even greater justification for return on investment is required. Read our Total Economic Impact study.

But with the right digital identity strategy in place, Imprivata customers are seeing immediate cost and time savings, as well as reduced risk in security and privacy for their hospitals.

In order to prioritise and invest in a digital identity strategy, healthcare IT organisations will need to convey a solid ROI story for leadership support. Referencing our ROI resources can help bring you closer to realising tangible outcomes for your organisation with Imprivata solutions including:

  • Increased efficiency in onboarding of employees with Imprivata Identity Governance
  • Increased productivity of medical professionals and back office staff using Imprivata OneSign

Each of these is a key element of the Imprivata digital identity framework for healthcare, which is a unified, security- and efficiency-focused strategy for managing identities across the healthcare organisations complex ecosystem.

The framework addresses key governance and administration, identity management, authorisation, and access and authentication functions for the healthcare IT leader to leverage in planning a robust and usable IAM scheme.

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What’s the value of time for your nursing staff?

With the overwhelming majority of direct patient care in the UK being delivered by nurses, their time in caring for patients is at a premium. And as the heaviest and most frequent users of the EHR, they’re also the most susceptible to losing time based on repeated EHR access.

A recent Imprivata case study with Royal Bath NHS Foundation Trust found that implementing Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-on saved 30 days of clinician time per month. Find out how much time you could save.

How many clinicians do you have on staff?


Average number of 12-hour shifts per week for a clinician?


Times per shift a clinician logs in to a workstation?


Number of apps clinicians log into with each session?


Total hours saved per week


Total hours saved per year


Hear from our customers

Providing clinicians in emergency care with fast, safe, and secure access to essential NHS Spine-enabled applications

“With login times now reduced to the speed it takes to tap a smart card against a card reader, the time saving has been significant. More importantly, technology now complements how clinicians work, delivering real benefits in a pressurised environment where time is of the essence.”  

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Delivering seamless access for clinicians with Imprivata OneSign

“Imprivata OneSign now provides seamless and frictionless access to all applications for clinicians. Whether that be basic access to patient data at point of care or the ability to deliver more complicated workflows around medication prescribing. Overall, the hospital is seeing improved utilisation of devices and applications to support high quality care."

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