Leading IGA capabilities with Imprivata Identity Governance 7.3

Check out the all-new updates to Imprivata Identity Governance with version 7.3.

If you’re not focused on identity governance, you need to be. And if you’re still doing it manually, you’re still at risk.

The right identity governance solution will help you meet today’s needs and reduce IT costs, securely enable day-one access, bolster data security, and seamlessly integrate with your other identity-centric solutions.

We’ve just launched version 7.3 of Imprivata Identity Governance, our market-leading identity governance and administration (IGA) management solution that provides fast, secure role-based access to systems and offers capabilities such as password management, detailed event logging, provisioning and de-provisioning, entitlement management, and compliance, audit, and risk reporting in the most efficient and secure way possible.

Updates with Imprivata Identity Governance 7.3

We’re always working to ensure that our solution helps you to meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on: this latest release includes enhancements to our Workday integration and new features to enhance users’ workflows.

Workday integration

This release introduces new functionality and enhancements to our integration with Workday. The integration of Imprivata Identity Governance and Workday provides a cutting-edge, first-of-its-kind solution for managing identities holding one or more jobs within the organization and adjusting access based on the roles and profile of the jobs as they start, transfer, finish, or take on additional jobs. The integration detects changes as they happen, rather than waiting for daily reconciliations, for even tighter security.

With this Imprivata Identity Governance and Workday integration, IT and HR systems will be seamlessly integrated to achieve real-time synchronization, easing the management of identity lifecycles, which are critical for organization security. So, when HR creates a new employee in Workday, Imprivata Identity Governance immediately creates a new identity to be provisioned based on role and profile.

Workday integration benefits

  • Achieve compliance | Automatically adjust access and detect identity lifecycle management changes
  • Manage access | Remove a privileged user’s administrative access in Active Directory and all other systems after termination in Workday
  • Automate workflows | Automate identity workflows for the joiners, movers, and leavers, and automate day one onboarding and provisioning
  • Remove manual steps | No need to wait for the IT department to provide access or make manual requests
  • Upgrade-ready certification | Imprivata will continue to test and validate new releases of Workday before the customer takes them, finding any issues before they upgrade


Automation of data migration on upgrades

We’ve automated the process of migrating user data on an upgrade. Now, an admin can see the real-time progress of data migration as it completes.

Job scheduler

The job scheduler enables users to schedule jobs that automatically run predefined scheduled tasks at the specified time. In this release we have enhanced the job scheduler to run every hour to enable administrators to activate/deactivate users at more precise times, allowing them to better adhere to their organizations’ compliance policies.

Ability to turn off role reconciliation

Without reconciliation, there is no real access governance, and at the same time, reconciliation facilitates the operation of our identity management and access governance solution. With this release, admins will now have more flexibility and control over when they want to enable/disable user reconciliation on a role change.

If you’re already a customer, make sure you can make the most of these updates. Or if you’re ready to provide administrators with an agile, efficient way to govern user identity and access rights, contact us today.