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The use of travel nurses by healthcare organizations is still at an all-time high. Without proper security protocols in place, this can leave health IT environments vulnerable to cyberthreats. For many organizations, it has become incredibly difficult to efficiently manage the access needs of temporary workers. And that has led many workers to take troublesome routes to gain network access, at the expense of the organization’s security. This scenario is a valuable reminder of how unchecked user convenience can compromise the effectiveness of your security policies.

Imprivata Identity Governance version 7.4 includes our new passwordless onboarding functionality that allows new users to be onboarded by email in a secure, efficient manner. The release also introduces a newly enhanced and deeper integration of Imprivata Identity Governance with ServiceNow. This enhanced integration helps maximize IT/help desk efficiency and reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple toolsets – all while staying ahead of increasing security threats. Here's a closer look at these release improvements and additional enhancements:

Passwordless onboarding

Relying on IT admins or managers to provide first-time passwords to employees, traveling nurses, or temporary workers, has proven to be inefficient and a security risk. Most organizations are just not prepared to collect, maintain, and secure sensitive data for non-employees. In this release, we are launching a new passwordless onboarding feature that enables new users to be safely onboarded by email. Here is how it works: a unique code is created and sent to the associated email ID. When users click on the link, the server triggers an action to verify if the code is valid, and users can then set their AD password, based on the organization's password rules. This new functionality also works for any users who have forgotten their password and need to reset it inside or outside the domain.

Next level integration with ServiceNow

The current integration of Imprivata Identity Governance with ServiceNow has -enabled organizations to request and manage access to applications and critical resources while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance. Through this integration, users can initiate automated service request tickets. In addition, governance is enabled over access changes, and separation of duty violations that require access changes can be detected. Now, with our new release, a request initiated from ServiceNow seamlessly flows into Imprivata Identity Governance for application account creation. Once the Imprivata Identity Governance request is completed, it automatically updates the Service Now ticket with the appropriate status.

Additional enhancements

Display of user list on role details page

Imprivata Identity Governance enables you to manage both the technical and business roles in your organization. Roles organize people by their function and job responsibilities to solve questions of what they should have access to, based on who they are and if that access is appropriate. In this release, an admin looking at role details can now also view the users who are part of that role.

Updated user interface for system admin

We’re excited to announce that our design team has created a brand-new look and feel for the user interface in the system administration page. As always, we continue to listen to our customers’ feedback, and we have more design updates coming soon.

Stay up-to-date and secure with market-leading capabilities

These newly launched features and enhancements create even stronger value and opportunity with Imprivata Identity Governance, and we will continue to build on this success. In the meantime, we know you rely on your identity governance administration solution to keep your organization secure, no matter what challenges you face. Be sure to take full advantage of the most up-to-date capabilities to help keep you safe.

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