Recapping VMware Explore 2023: Mobility & Digital Identity Drive Interest

Organizations are embracing a mobile-first future and are looking for technologies that improve mobile experiences, both for end-users and IT teams. At VMware Explore 2023, Imprivata spoke about the difference digital identity can make for an organization. Based on our conversations, it’s clear that digital identity will be key in unlocking the power of mobility.

Just over a week since 2023’s VMware Explore conference, the Imprivata team is still reflecting on all the exciting innovations, ideas, presentations, and conversations that took place. Despite the tropical storm causing some travel delays, the conference was buzzing with over 10K total attendees, with nearly 200 visitors stopping by our booth.

Highlights from Imprivata’s week at VMware Explore

We heard a lot of excitement from the analysts, partners, and attendees who stopped by our booth to discuss how Imprivata is making a difference with digital identity. Here are some of the highlights we’ve narrowed down from the stimulating week:

  1. Growing with VMware

    During the conference, Aaron Freimark, SVP of Product Management at Imprivata, caught up with Enrique Estrada, Sr. Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences Solutions at VMware to talk about how our combined solutions drive efficiencies and improve clinical workflows, listen to the full conversation here. Aaron also shared the floor with leaders from Texas Health Resources and VMware during the Birds of a Feather breakout session on Healthcare End User Computing to highlight the value of Imprivata GroundControl for shared mobile devices. The session covered how healthcare organizations can remain agile and secure post-pandemic, touching on topics like virtual care, patient and clinician experiences, and mobility. When discussing GroundControl, it was great to hear several Imprivata customers chime in with anecdotes about their experience using the solution.

    Growing with VMWare 1 Growing with VMWare 2 Growing with VMware 3

  2. Strengthening our Partnerships

    Alongside VMware, we were thrilled to catch up with a few of our partners on the show floor throughout the week. The Imprivata team connected with Stratodesk, LG, and 10ZiG at their booths for a quick demo and chat about the difference our combined solutions are bringing to healthcare and other mission-critical industries. Together, these partnerships complement each other well and are key to helping organizations maximize their current technology with Imprivata, while enabling smoother, more secure, and more efficient workflows.

    VMWare partners 1 VMWare partners 2 VMware partners 3

  3. Businesses are Adopting Shared Mobile Devices

    At our booth, attendees were eager to see how digital identity solutions are making a difference. We showed demos of all our solutions – from single sign-on to identity governance – but by far, attendees were most interested in learning more about GroundControl for shared mobile devices.

    VMWare booth 1

    • 64% of respondents said that their organization uses shared mobile devices or plans to do so soon.
    • Respondents are still experiencing various challenges with managing shared mobile devices. The top three challenges respondents reported are:

      • Limited user accountability (50%)
      • Poor asset tracking and fleet management (46%)
      • Device maintenance and ongoing management (41%)

      It was exciting to discuss how GroundControl helps organizations address these challenges. As mobile devices remain a key tool, we can’t wait to see how digital identity will make a difference in improving mobile experiences.

      VMWare booth 2

  4. Driving Efficiency & Improving Security

    We also had the pleasure of connecting with a few industry analysts to compare the ongoing trends we’re seeing. We connected with analysts from Forrester, Enterprise Strategy Group, Enterprise Management Associates, and 451 Research. Some of the main takeaways from our conversations include:

    • Digital identity technology will make a notable difference in personalizing individual experiences across mobile devices or workstations.
    • As enterprises adapt their architecture to meet evolving frameworks like Zero Trust, leaders want secure, frictionless experiences for end-users and IT teams.
    • Because healthcare organizations have complex digital environments, strong integrations between key technologies and solutions are highly desired
    • Enterprises are looking for solutions that reduce operational complexity while driving efficiency.
    • Interest in biometrics for identification is a growing demand across all industries.

VMWare booth 3

Key Takeaway: Digital Identity in Healthcare and Beyond 

Many of the analysts and attendees we spoke to recognized Imprivata from our presence in healthcare. “Imprivata and healthcare are synonymous,” one analyst said. This type of feedback is inspiring to hear. Our clinical understanding of healthcare has allowed us to make strides in developing solutions that bring real value to clinicians, patients, and IT and cybersecurity teams.

But the Imprivata impact doesn’t stop in healthcare.

We have always worked towards bringing this same experience to critical industries like finance, manufacturing, transportation, and local governments. At VMware, we heard great feedback from customers in these industries as well, many of which stopped by our booth to highlight how Imprivata has enabled their digital identity experience.

To learn more about how your organization can being implementing the optimal digital identity strategy, take our digital identity maturity assessment.