Imprivata Confirm ID to help European Hospitals Improve Security and Compliance by Enabling Fast, Secure Authentication for Medical Devices and Clinical Workflows

87% of healthcare staff are still able to access multiple devices and workstations concurrently putting patient records at risk

London, England– April 20, 2016—Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, today introduced Imprivata Confirm ID™, a new solution that expands and complements the capabilities of Imprivata OneSign®, Europe’s industry-leading enterprise single sign-on and authentication platform. Imprivata Confirm ID enables fast, secure authentication for medical devices and clinical workflows to improve security and compliance without impacting efficiency or disrupting patient care. Together with Imprivata OneSign, Imprivata Confirm ID now gives European healthcare organizations a comprehensive authentication platform that increases clinical efficiency while improving compliance through increased visibility into user interactions with patient health information. Imprivata will showcase Imprivata Confirm ID as well as the company’s other leading solutions for enterprise single sign-on, virtual desktop access, multi-factor authentication, and positive patient identification in stand 250 at UK e-Health Week (19-20 April in London).

An October 2015 report by IS Decisions found that despite increased pressure from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) on the United Kingdom’s National Health Service’s (NHS) data protection practices, 87% of healthcare staff are still able to logon to different devices and workstations concurrently, 37% are required to manually logoff, and 44% do not have unique logins, putting patient records at risk. According to the report, 69% have access to patient data, which is troubling when you consider 44% do not have unique logins for this access, making proper user identification near impossible.

“Healthcare data breaches remain a growing threat across Europe and other regions around the world, impacting both patients and providers alike. Hospitals increasingly recognize that they must invest in the right tools to safeguard against internal and external risks,” said Omar Hussain, President and CEO of Imprivata. “Imprivata is committed to protecting our customers with what we call invisible security—meaning tools that provide the highest standard of security but give clinicians quick, and easy access to data through convenient authentication methods.”

By replacing the manual entry of usernames and passwords with the tap of a proximity badge, or swipe of a fingerprint, Imprivata Confirm ID gives providers a seamless, in-process authentication experience when accessing medical devices or completing clinical authentication workflows. This is similar to the No Click Access™ that millions of clinicians experience every day using Imprivata OneSign. This improves security and protects patient privacy while allowing providers to spend more time focused on patient care.

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