Introducing Healthcare Seamless SSO: Q&A with Wes Wright

It’s a very exciting day for healthcare. Today, Imprivata announced that we’re working with Microsoft to unlock the power of the cloud for healthcare users. Our joint solutions combine productivity and security and are designed to solve the unique challenges of healthcare, ensuring a seamless experience for the healthcare users and architected to work together making them straight-forward for the IT and security teams to implement. 

And the first of those solutions, launched today, is Healthcare Seamless SSO. What is Healthcare Seamless SSO and what does it mean for you and your healthcare organization? Here are my two cents. 

What is Healthcare Seamless SSO?

Simply put: Healthcare Seamless SSO is fast, secure access into Microsoft Office 365 and thousands of cloud applications from any device, anywhere, for all healthcare users.

Healthcare Seamless SSO is enterprise single sign-on that leverages a user’s identity on shared workstations to deliver a nearly password-free experience in accessing Microsoft Modern Workplace and 2,800+ Microsoft Azure-AD Marketplace applications, in addition to shared mobile devices. Healthcare Seamless SSO extends the capabilities of Imprivata OneSign® to the cloud. 

What are the benefits for my healthcare organization? 

Healthcare Seamless SSO eliminates the need for clinical and non-clinical Microsoft users to repeatedly type usernames and passwords to access any programs and applications in Microsoft Modern Workplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Users get secure access to web applications from any device, anywhere, whether working inside the hospital or remote.

Users can access all the applications they need to do their job, whether on-premise or in the cloud, using the existing badge tap workflows. Even if they’re on a shared clinical workstation, they now have their applications. When they click on Outlook or Teams, it’s their Outlook or Teams. It’s a game changer.

How does it work? 

It’s easy! Joint Imprivata OneSign and Microsoft customers simply tap a badge on any shared device to gain fast access into Microsoft Modern Workplace and Microsoft Azure-AD Marketplace. And when a user is ready to move on, they simply tap their badge again to log out of all open applications. 

What additional technology do I need to implement to use Healthcare Seamless SSO?

None! Starting right now, customers with both Imprivata OneSign SSO version 6.2 or later, Windows 10, and Azure-AD Connect can unlock access to web applications on workstations and mobile devices using these existing solutions. There aren’t any additional costs either, as we’re constantly trying to bring added value to your Imprivata — and now Microsoft — investments.

What’s next? 

We’re continuing to work with Microsoft to innovate and develop solutions that work seamlessly across healthcare enterprises because clicks count! Many healthcare organizations will experience a hybrid state that will last for many years and because Imprivata knows healthcare, we know this. It’s our mission to make this transition as efficient as possible for both the IT and security staff and their clinical and business partners. Look out for more, really cool announcements coming soon! 

For more on Healthcare Seamless SSO and our collaboration with Microsoft, watch this video of our CEO, Gus Malezis.