Imprivata and Cerner Instant Access

Imprivata and Cerner Instant Access

With Cerner Instant Access, authentication workflows are streamlined due to location-based context and single sign-on (SSO) technologies. The solution helps to reduce the time it takes to navigate various applications within the clinician’s workflow and helps to solve common user access challenges such as multiple and complex passwords and long application and device access times.

The Imprivata advantage

Imprivata OneSign, which is integrated within the Cerner Instant Access solution, provides fast and secure SSO capabilities which enhance the clinical experience by providing No Click Access to devices and applications.

With Cerner Instant Access and Imprivata OneSign, healthcare organizations benefit from:

  • Automated workflows for users with fast access to applications
  • Reduced username and password prompts
  • Single sign-on to Cerner Millennium® and non-Cerner Millennium applications
  • ‘Follow me’ roaming workflows for Cerner Millennium applications