Primary care and CCGs

Enabling maximised return on investment for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) 


Imprivata solutions enable Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to maximise their investment in clinical systems and other technology solutions as they develop and expand digital services and transformative clinical workflows within GP practices and the CCG. 

Technology as a time-saver 

For clinical staff in primary care accessing electronic systems must balance security, ease of access for frontline staff, information governance, clinical risk, workflow management, while encouraging user adoption. 

Imprivata allows lightning-fast access to patient data, across multiple systems, including NHS Spine, clinical systems, NHS Mail, Office365, Practice and CCG Mail, document management systems, diagnostic ordering systems and, telemedicine, not to mention billing and accounting systems, saving significant amounts of time for all users. For example, once logged onto the NHS Spine, users can stay safely logged in for the rest of their surgery.  

Technology as an enabler 

Imprivata solutions have been designed with the needs of the user in mind. We work in partnership with many NHS organisations including CCGs and Global Digital Exemplars (80% of acute Trusts already use Imprivata solutions) to ensure the delivery of operational efficiencies by digitally enabling the workforce. Our solutions help improve patient care by allowing staff to work effectively, from anywhere at any time without technological barriers, accessing vital systems and applications quickly and securely. 

Fast, secure access to clinical applications 

The ease and speed of tap and go access to applications, via the smart card, removes the burden of remembering multiple passwords for applications, drastically reducing login times. Any clinical application can be profiled by the Imprivata solution (many, including those on the NHS Spine already have been) resulting in low administrative overhead and a consistent and streamlined user experience.  

Improving data governance  

The use of Imprivata OneSign delivers significant improvements in audit trails and data governance, helping health and care organisations to meet the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Clinical users access the system with their own smart cards, ensuring audit logs are accurate and diagnostic tests and prescribed medications are attributed to the correct clinician. As the workflows complement rather than impede daily activities, clinical staff are actively engaged in ensuring security practices are maintained.

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