Imprivata further expands Identity and Access Management capabilities for the UK healthcare market with the launch of a new Identity Governance solution

Imprivata Identity Governance helps Healthcare organisations streamline onboarding and deprovisioning of user accounts, control access to sensitive patient data, and meet GDPR compliance regulations

London, England–  February 25 2020 — Imprivata®, the digital identity company for healthcare, has today announced the extension to its Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions with Imprivata Identity Governance™, which is now available in the UK. A proven solution, that has been designed specifically for healthcare and is already widely implemented at some of the largest public health systems in the US, Imprivata Identity Governance™ enables organisations to easily manage user accounts, controlling access to sensitive patient records throughout the employee lifecycle. User entitlement policies and controls can be enforced so that compliance obligations including GDPR requirements are met.  

“With Imprivata Identity Governance, we can easily provision users when they first join the hospital,” says Leah Dorman, Information Systems Security Analyst at Northern Light Health, a 1,176-bed integrated health delivery system that serves the state of Maine, USA. “When employees are added to our HR system, they’re assigned a role through Imprivata Identity Governance where each role has been mapped to their job code. The solution enables us to automatically grant users access to applications and systems associated with each role. In fact, we continue to add more applications for automating user provisioning.”

Imprivata Identity Governance™ enables NHS Trusts and other organisations to:

  • Introduce precise role-based data access for all staff ;
  • Increase productivity of clinical staff by removing barriers to technology;
  • Strengthen data security with faster threat evaluation and remediation;
  • Better manage compliance with analysis of usage data via dashboards; and
  • Reduce IT costs by automating identity management and self-service portal for users.

Same-day access rights to clinical systems

With Imprivata Identity Governance™, care providers can access key clinical systems immediately. When staff leave or move to a new role, their user accounts are automatically adjusted or closed, ensuring that access to data is tightly managed.

Self Service Portal

Users are able to update or reset their passwords and request access to additional applications quickly, without IT intervention, saving significant time for IT support departments.

Access and entitlement enforcement

Imprivata Identity Governance™ enables IT and department heads to manage identity roles and entitlements over the entire lifecycle of a user. Workflows allow for certification and remediation of access rights, making the process easy and fast.

Governance, risk management and compliance dashboard

Compliance teams and security officers can view complete user behaviour and entitlements in reports and dashboards that combine rights and usage data.

Imprivata Identity Governance™ is part of the fully integrated Imprivata platform for Identity and Access Management which includes Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign On, Imprivata Confirm ID for Clinical Workflows, and Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow.

Wes Wright, CTO, Imprivata explained: “Managing access to sensitive patient information is critical for healthcare organisations. Clumsy security and slow to provision IT systems lead to frustration for frontline staff. When Imprivata Identity Governance™ is combined with Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On, users have immediate access to all the data they need to do their job with the simple tap of a badge or token.  Streamlined login times save up to an hour per shift, giving back significant time to care, which has proven extremely popular with clinicians and aids user adoption.”

“Precise role-based user accounts ensure that care providers can deliver high-quality care with immediate access to the right systems and patient information, and the audit trails to prove it. This timely access to the right systems at the right time removes barriers to technology, enabling clinicians to be more productive, confident that they are complying with all data regulations.”

Imprivata Identity Governance™ automated and controlled user access strengthens data security across the organisation, and provides compliance teams with rights and usage data in a single comprehensive report.

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