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Prevent a Healthcare Data Breach with healthcare access and authentication management
As an increasing number of healthcare organizations are moving to electronic medical records, the potential for a Healthcare Data Breach increases as well. Finding ways to protect patient data privacy is a mission-critical task for healthcare, and one made more critical due to strict regulations concerning privacy requirements. To prevent a Healthcare Data Breach, many organizations have considered implementing authentication and access management solutions, including single sign-on technology. But while such solutions may be helpful in stopping a data breach, they can be prohibitively expensive and difficult to deploy and manage and negatively impact user workflows. For healthcare organizations seeking a simpler and most cost-effective solution, Imprivata offers an innovative approach in Imprivata OneSign.

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Imprivata – SSO solutions offer protection against a Healthcare Data Breach.
Imprivata is a leading provider of healthcare authentication and access management solutions for healthcare organizations throughout the world. Imprivata OneSign, an appliance-based platform, enables single sign-on (SSO) technology for applications throughout an organization. SSO helps fight against a Healthcare Data Breach by simplifying password management for users, making it less likely they will share passwords or write passwords on paper to be left by workstations where they can be easily found and used by unauthorized users. OneSign also simplifies reporting – all access events are stored in a single log file, making it easy to produce reports that identify where a Healthcare Data Breach may be likely or is happening. And because as an appliance OneSign requires no modifications to existing IT infrastructure, it can be deployed quickly, cost-effectively and with little burden on IT resources.

Prevent data security breaches and improve access to healthcare records and data.

Imprivata OneSign ensures access to the workstation and patient health information is secure. As clinicians move from different points of care and transition back and forth on shared workstations, Imprivata OneSign makes security painless by adapting security to the workflow needs of the user. With Imprivata OneSign, healthcare organizations can:

  • Strengthen security to patient information for assured HIPAA compliance
  • Improve clinician workflow for better patient care and more satisfied staff
  • Experience simplified reporting on all user access activities for easier HIPAA compliance

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