Electronic Medical Records Security

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Increase Electronic Medical Records Security with Imprivata.
As the HITECH Act is encouraging more healthcare companies to migrate their patient data to electronic medical records, security is becoming a bigger challenge. Organizations must ensure that solutions for Electronic Medical Records Security protect patient privacy and comply with regulatory requirements, while allowing practitioners to gain the fast access necessary to provide superior patient care. While many organizations have considered single sign-on technology as a solution for Electronic Medical Records Security, the high cost and complex management of these solutions have been prohibitive. For medical companies seeking to improve the security of electronic records with a cost-effective single sign-on solution, Imprivata has the answer.

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Imprivata provides greater Electronic Medical Records Security through SSO solutions.
As a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions to the healthcare industry, Imprivata offers an appliance-based single sign-on solution that helps enable greater security for electronic medical records. Imprivata OneSign enables the use of single sign-on technology for applications throughout the organization so users get fast and secure access to the applications and data they require. OneSign consolidates access data into a single log file, so administrators and compliance professionals can produce reports and respond to audit inquires quickly and easily. And because OneSign requires zero modifications to existing IT, it can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. With OneSign, medical organization can balance the need for stronger security with improved workflows and productivity, allowing clinicians to access electronic records quickly while reducing the time and compliance and password management.

Simplify security, gain faster access to electronic records, protect medical data and more

Imprivata OneSign enables healthcare organizations greater Electronic Medical Records Security:

  • Streamlined access management by enabling single sign-on to all healthcare applications, including Epic applications as well all clinical applications including Cerner, Healthland, MEDITECH, McKesson, Siemens Medical and all non-clinical applications.
  • Fast and secure one touch login and access to patient information at any workstation. Clinicians no longer need to type in usernames or passwords – they can access a workstation simply by touching a fingerprint scanner or holding an ID badge to a proximity card reader.
  • Ability to use strong authentication security to positively identify a user at any point in a process – for example, where positive identification of a user is needed before disbursing a drug or prescription.
  • Fast user switching between multiple concurrent Windows desktops and fast user switching on top of a generic kiosk desktop.
  • Streamline access and password activity all from within a single administrative framework, enabling you to strengthen and enforce compliance across all applications, data and workstations.


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