Electronic Healthcare Records Security

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Improve Electronic Healthcare Records Security with Imprivata.
Electronic Healthcare Records Security is a critical challenge for hospitals as they migrate to electronic medical records in response to the HITECH Act. However, complying with the HITECH act hospitals must ensure secure access to patient health information without negatively impacting clinical workflows. Ensuring secure access to patient health information contained within electronic health records can be addressed with the right single sign-on and authentication solution. For innovative solutions for Electronic Healthcare Records Security organizations today are turning to Imprivata.

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Imprivata delivers SSO solutions for Electronic Healthcare Records Security.
Imprivata offers authentication and access management technology for healthcare organizations. The Imprivata OneSign platform enables single sign-on technology to be implemented throughout the organization, allowing users to sign on once at the beginning of their shift and have quick access to electronic healthcare records throughout the day without needing to reenter user names and passwords. With Imprivata solutions, users are no longer constrained to a single work station – they can access records from the multiple workstations throughout the facility without compromising security. Imprivata OneSign solutions simplify Electronic Healthcare Records Security, enabling clinicians to spend more time with patients and less time waiting for or accessing electronic records.


Get faster access to electronic records and tighten healthcare security.

OneSign technology provides a number of benefits for Electronic Healthcare Records Security, including:

  • Single sign-on and sign-off. Imprivata OneSign security solutions give healthcare workers the ability to quickly access all the applications and electronic records they need after signing on once.
  • One touch log-on. OneSign FastPass™ enables users to quickly log-on by touching a fingerprint scanner or swiping a proximity card reader.
  • Application roaming across workstations. OneSign allows users to move between workstations throughout the organization while retaining access to their remote session. When a user roams to another station, OneSign automatically locks the previous workstation.
  • Fast desktop switching. With OneSign, a user can switch quickly between multiple concurrent Windows desktops. And multiple users can switch quickly to their personal desktop, allowing workstations to be shared more easily.

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