Electronic Patient Records Security

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Improve access management for greater Electronic Patient Records Security.
Electronic Patient Records Security is a great concern for healthcare organizations today. Prompted in part by the HITECH Act, many organizations are converting patient records to an electronic format, raising new security issues. Managing access is a critical part of Electronic Patient Records Security, and many organizations are seeking solutions that simplify the control, tracking and reporting on access to patient records. For healthcare organizations that want a powerful yet easy-to-use security solution for managing access to electronic records, Imprivata offers Imprivata OneSign.

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Imprivata – leading identity management solutions for Electronic Patient Records Security
Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions for the healthcare industry. Imprivata OneSign is an appliance-based platform that delivers the tools to easily manage, track and report on access events, helping to ensure Electronic Patient Records Security. OneSign enables single sign-on technology throughout an organization, simplifying password management and giving clinicians faster access to the data they need to provide quality patient care. With OneSign, clinicians can logon once and then have secure access to all the applications they use and the electronic records they need throughout their work shift. They no longer need to worry about having the right password for each application, or spending time re-authenticating every time they want to access a workstation. With OneSign, they need only touch a finger or an ID badge to a scanner to have access to their remote work session. By providing stronger authentication while not impeding user access, OneSign helps to support Electronic Patient Records Security.

Access records quickly, protect patient information, secure electronic data and more.

OneSign offers several benefits for organizations seeking to achieve Electronic Patient Records Security:

  • One touch log-on. OneSign offers technology that allows users to access electronic patient records quickly by simply touching a finger to a scanner or a proximity card to a reader. After logging in once with a two-factor authentication, users can then gain access to a workstation quickly and easily for the rest of the day.
  • Fast desktop switching. In environments where several users may need access to a work station, OneSign enables users to switch quickly between multiple concurrent Windows desktops or to switch quickly between users at an individual workstation.
  • Roaming throughout the organization. In order to get faster access to data, OneSign enables clinicians to roam to any available workstation.


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