Healthcare patient information security

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Manage access and authentication for greater Healthcare Information Security.
As more healthcare organizations convert patient information to electronic medical records, healthcare information security is a growing concern. Managing access to electronic information presents a new set of challenges and organizations require robust solutions to protect the security of patient data. Organizations must strengthen Healthcare Information Security without slowing the speed of access that clinicians need to provide quality care. When choosing solutions that offer greater healthcare information security while delivering faster access to data, many leading organizations are turning to Imprivata OneSign.

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Imprivata supports Healthcare Information Security with leading access management solutions.
As a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions to organizations worldwide, Imprivata offers the healthcare industry a powerful solution for managing access and increasing Healthcare Information Security. Imprivata OneSign is a single sign-on platform that offers users fast and secure access to the information and applications they need, while improving security by more effectively controlling, tracking and consolidating access information. By aggregating information access event into a single log file, OneSign enables IT administrators and compliance professionals to easily run reports, review access data and demonstrate compliance with regulations governing Healthcare Information Security.

Get faster access to information, improve security and protect healthcare records.

By simplifying access management to patient data, OneSign enables organizations to improve Healthcare Information Security. With OneSign, organizations can:

  • Ensure fast access to patient data. OneSign enables single sign-on for applications throughout the organization. That means users can logon once at the start of their workday and have access to their applications, systems and healthcare information throughout the day without needing to re-enter usernames and passwords multiple times. Users can access a workstation simply by touching a fingerprint scanner or swiping an ID badge, and can roam to different workstations throughout the facility.
  • Simplify access management. By centralizing access control, tracking and reporting into a single solution, OneSign streamlines healthcare access management and offers administrators an easy-to-use solution for reviewing access events and controlling who is authorized to access information and from where.
  • Demonstrate compliance. Because OneSign consolidates access information into a single file, compliance officers can quickly respond to audit inquiries and run reports that demonstrate compliance with Healthcare Information Security regulation.
  • Deploy strong authentication. OneSign supports the use of a wide variety of strong authentication technologies, including fingerprint biometrics, USB tokens, smart cards, and many others.

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