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Single sign-on solves Healthcare and Security challenges.
Healthcare organizations today are faced with increasing security challenges. As more organizations move their patient data to electronic medical records in response to the HITECH ACT, the potential for a Healthcare Data Breach becomes greater. Organizations frequently respond to healthcare and security issues by implement authentication solutions, requiring positive proof of identity before allowing access to data. But while these solutions may provide more security, they can frequently hinder clinicians from getting the rapid access they need to provide quality care and make timely decisions. Many healthcare and security experts have considered single sign-on technology as a potential solution, the cost and complexity of such technology has not made it an attractive option for many companies. For healthcare organizations seeking a single sign-on solution that is both cost-effective and simple to deploy and manage, Imprivata offers market-leading technology.

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Imprivata offers SSO solutions for Healthcare and Security.
A leading provider of authentication and access management solutions to organizations around the globe, Imprivata offers an appliance-based single sign on solution that addresses the principle challenges of Healthcare and Security. OneSign enables single sign-on throughout an organization, giving users fast access to patient data after signing in just once with a two-factor authentication at the beginning of their workday. OneSign also enables compliance managers to produce compliance reports more quickly, as access data is stored in a single log file from which reports can be run quickly and easily. And OneSign simplifies single sign-on technology for IT – as an appliance-based solution, OneSign requires no modifications to existing IT infrastructure, allowing for fast deployment and minimal need for IT resources. With OneSign, healthcare organizations get an innovative security solution that maximizes protection of patient data, improves user workflows and satisfaction while minimizing administrative burden and cost.

Get faster access to healthcare records and improve security of patient data.

The Imprivata single sign-on platform enables healthcare organizations to implement a variety of innovative security solutions with the following benefits, including:

  • No more clinician complaints of being locked out of applications, or for password resets
  • Reduced IT Helpdesk operating costs
  • Password Policy enablement from one location including the ability to easily enable role-based access
  • Freed up helpdesk resources to focus on other priorities
  • Easy to access and run HIPAA compliance reports from within the OneSign Platform eliminating manual searches for who accessed what, when, and how with automated, one-button reporting
  • Ability to rollout, manage and support multiple forms of strong authentication to ease user workflow efforts
  • Visibility into actual application usage has allowed customers to restructure application license and support licensing costs by 5%

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