Healthcare IT Security

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Achieve Healthcare IT Security by managing access more effectively.
The HITECH Act is prompting more healthcare organizations to move medical records to an electronic format, but this process also raises new Healthcare IT Security issues. Controlling access to electronic records is a challenging task – it requires Healthcare IT Security solutions that can manage and control access without slowing clinical workflows. For organizations seeking effective access management solutions to ensure Healthcare IT Security, Imprivata OneSign is the answer.

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Imprivata – authentication management technology for greater Healthcare IT Security
Imprivata provides authentication and access management solutions for healthcare organizations that can help deliver greater Healthcare IT Security. Imprivata OneSign, an appliance-based platform for enabling single sign-on technology, offers an easy-to-use solution for better controlling access to data while ensuring faster access to the information and applications healthcare providers need to do their jobs. OneSign simplifies authentication and access management by providing a single, central solution for controlling, tracking and reporting on access events. With all access event information compiled in a single log file, administrators can more easily review access data, spot unauthorized access events and report on access information for compliance audits on Healthcare IT Security.

For clinicians, OneSign delivers faster access to data by enabling them to sign on once, rather than having to enter a username and password every time they return to a workstation or use a different application. Rather than needing to remember multiple passwords, OneSign allows users to sign on with a single password, token or other strong authentication method. For healthcare workers striving to provide quality care quickly, OneSign enables them to spend more time with patients and less time on their computers.

Improve security and deliver faster access to healthcare data with an IT-friendly solution.

Imprivata OneSign helps to achieve greater Healthcare IT Security without slowing user access by enabling:

  • Single sign on. Users need only logon once and then can have easy access to the healthcare data they need.
  • One touch logon. The OneSign platform supports technology that allows users to access workstations throughout the day by simply touching a fingerprint scanner or holding an ID badge to a proximity card reader.
  • Roaming. With OneSign, users are no longer bound to a single workstation but can roam freely throughout the premises using the nearest available workstation whenever they need access to data.
  • Fast desktop switching. OneSign enables users to quickly switch desktops on a workstation, or to switch between multiple concurrent windows desktops.
  • Easy deployment. As an appliance, OneSign can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently, with zero medications required to existing IT security infrastructure.

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