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Simplify EMR Compliance with Imprivata OneSign. 
Healthcare organizations wanting to demonstrate compliance with regulations concerning electronic medical records (EMR) are faced with quite a challenge. EMR Compliance means data must be aggregated from a variety of information and authentication silos, each with their own audit trail and access logs, and no means of communicating with each other. Gathering EMR Compliance data can be extremely complex and time-intensive, burdening IT organizations that are already overtaxed by swiftly evolving business requirements. For healthcare companies seeking highly effective and cost-efficient solutions for EMR Compliance, Imprivata has the answer.

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Imprivate OneSign delivers EMR Compliance tools. 
Imprivata delivers enterprise authentication and access management solutions for the healthcare industry that simplify EMR Compliance and reporting. Through its appliance-based employee access management platform—OneSign—Imprivata provides healthcare organizations with the ability not only to effectively manage EMR Compliance, but also to reduce IT costs, protect patient information, and speed user access to EMR data. With OneSign's single sign-on technology, healthcare professionals can spend more time working with patients and less time on computers, while IT professionals can spend time dealing with the evolving technical requirements and less time producing compliance reports. As a self-contained appliance, OneSign requires zero modifications to existing IT infrastructure.

Get faster access to EMR and easier compliance reporting.

OneSign enables healthcare organizations to achieve:

  • Easier EMR Compliance and reporting. As a single sign-on solution, OneSign tracks and consolidates disparate employee access events, allowing organizations to quickly respond to audit inquiries with real-time aggregated reports on EMR Compliance. OneSign monitors and tracks all desktop, network, application, and transaction access activity in a centralized log file, making it simple to demonstrate compliance.
  • Fast Access to EMR information. OneSign FastPass™ allows healthcare clinicians to quickly and securely access workstations through a fingerprint scan or by reading an ID badge. After a two-factor authentication is performed at the start of their workday, users can move from station to station throughout the day, accessing their applications and information quickly and easily.
  • Secure Access to Patient Data. OneSign Secure Walk-Away™ helps secure unattended workstations by terminating sessions if the user walks away without logging out. Using facial recognition technology, this OneSign application will initialize a logout sequence when the user is no longer in the monitor's field of view, helping to keep patient data more secure and preventing a Healthcare Security Breach.


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