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Improve healthcare access management for EMR Security
In light of the HITECH Act, more healthcare organizations are migrating to electronic medical records (EMR) to take advantage of the $21.B set aside for healthcare infrastructure. As with any technology, there are security considerations with how to ensure secure access to these EMR systems without negatively impacting the speed of access for clinicians. For many healthcare organizations today, ensuring EMR Security can be attained through implementing Imprivata OneSign.

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Imprivata delivers a leading healthcare single sign-on solution for ensuring secure access to patient data.
Imprivata OneSign is an authentication and access management platform that provides an easy-to-implement solution to the EMR Security challenge of securing patient data. OneSign Single Sign-On provides users with fast, secure access to the systems and applications they need. OneSign also controls, tracks, and consolidates information about how users access information which allows IT and compliance professionals the ability to ensure compliance with EMR and other systems and respond to audit inquiries with the push of a button.

Get faster access to EMR information and greater security for patient data.
OneSign enables healthcare organizations to simplify password management, improve EMR Security and demonstrate regulatory compliance by:

  • Simplified Password Management: OneSign Single Sign-On simplifies password management for end users - especially designed for a healthcare professional's workflow needs. By enabling users to sign on once and then securely gain access to all authorized application information, OneSign helps eliminate password distractions for caregivers and allows them to focus on their primary job - patient care. OneSign simplifies password management for IT as well - it is easy to implement without requiring scripting or modifications to existing applications or directories - all while greatly improving security. And OneSign easily integrates with All clinical and non-clinical mainframe, client/server, JAVA and Web applications.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance. OneSign minimizes the cost and complexity of complying with healthcare regulations - specifically HIPAA and other healthcare regulations. With OneSign you can:
  • Automate password policy implementation. Enable password changes automatically on behalf of users, behind the scenes.
  • Authentication management. Support the easy implementation and management of a broad range of strong authentication methods including fingerprint biometrics, tokens, smart card technology and more.
  • Tracking and Reporting. Generate audit logs of access and password change activity, enabling you to strengthen and enforce compliance across all applications, data and workstations.

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