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Not all identity management products are created equal


Seeking to improve employee access security and data security, many organizations have turned to identity management products to improve user authentication, increase password security and control access to valuable information. But with many identity management products, their benefits are drastically diminished by their challenges. Many products are not only quite costly to purchase, but complex to deploy and difficult and expensive to manage. For companies seeking identity management products that quickly return their investment and some, and easy to manage, Imprivata has the answer.


Imprivata delivers superior identity management products


Imprivata OneSign® offers an appliance-based platform that makes identity management simple and affordable. OneSign's appliance-based identity management products integrate strong authentication, application single-sign on, physical access control and event reporting, delivering a unified solution for identity and access management.

OneSign is remarkably simple to deploy. In stark contrast to other identity management products, OneSign requires no changes to code, modifications to directories or changes to user workflow. This identity management solution minimizes implementation time, infrastructure needs and installation costs, accelerating ROI and reducing the cost of on-going support.


Appliance-based products for improved identity and access management


The OneSign platform provides an integrated platform of identity management products that can be deployed individually, in a stepped process or together to address identity management needs:

  • Securely authenticate users - OneSign provides native support and management for many authentication options such as passwords, ID tokens, Windows and national ID smart cards, active and passive proximity cards, USB tokens and fingerprint biometrics.
  • Streamline application access. OneSign solves password management user access issues by enabling single sign on for all applications using the Application Profile Generator that provides administrators with an easy drag-and-drop interface that profiles all an applications' sign-on behaviors and dynamics to enable single sign-on for all enterprise applications - even the most challenging ones. OneSign enables SSO without requiring scripting or modification to existing code
  • Simplify Compliance Reporting. With OneSign SSO, enterprises can record all application access events in a centralized database and, at the push of a button, administrators can run any number of pre-structured or customized reports showing who is accessing what information, when and from where.

Because OneSign is shipped as a redundant hardware pair, there are no other products to buy, install or maintain to accomplish strong authentication management and single sign-on. Organizations can take advantage of Imprivata's scalable web service-based architecture to get up and running quickly, without the complexity and cost of purchasing, deploying and managing independent and non-integrated access management products. And OneSign's distributed management and failover architecture means that information can follow users anywhere in the enterprise.

Learn more about OneSign identity products as well as Web single sign on, Active Directory single sign on, healthcare access management, secure authentication, identity management solutions and more.


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