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Identity management solutions provide greater data security


Many enterprises today are seeking identity management solutions to solve employee provisioning and data security challenges. Identity management solutions can help increase security by controlling access to data - allowing organizations to better enable and understand who has access to what, when and from where. However, some identity management solutions are too all-encompassing and therefore can take years to install, deploy and reap the benefits.

For affordable identity management solutions that can offer a better way to gain returns on the need for better security and user access management, many enterprises today are choosing Imprivata.


Imprivata — affordable and effective identity management solutions


Imprivata OneSign® is an appliance-based solution that combines identity management capabilities into an integrated, non invasive platform. Where other identity management solutions may require extensive scripting in order to enable applications for single sign on, Imprivata's identity management solution requires no coding, no modifications to directories and no inconvenient changes to user workflow. For companies seeking identity management solutions that quickly return their investment and are easy to manage, Imprivata has the answer.


Solutions for user identity authentication, password management and more


Imprivata OneSign is a complete, integrated identity management solution:

  • Securely authenticate users: Imprivata OneSign provides native support and management for many authentication options including passwords, ID tokens, Windows and national ID smart cards, active and passive proximity cards, USB tokens and biometric authentication and other multifactor authentication. With Imprivata OneSign you can mix and match authentication technologies to best suit user needs.
  • Streamline application access. Imprivata OneSign solves password management user access issues by enabling SSO Access for all applications using the Application Profile Generator that provides administrators with an easy drag-and-drop interface that profiles all an applications' sign-on behaviors and dynamics to enable single sign-on for all enterprise applications - even the most challenging ones. Imprivata OneSign enables SSO without requiring scripting or modification to existing code. Users can access all their authorized applications after signing in with a single SSO password.
  • Simplify Compliance Reporting. With Imprivata OneSign SSO, enterprises can record all application access events in a centralized database and, at the push of a button, administrators can run any number of pre-structured or customized reports showing who is accessing what information, when and from where.

Imprivata OneSign is shipped as a redundant hardware pair and requires no additional hardware or software to be purchased, deployed or maintained. And with a scalable web service-based architecture, you can get Imprivata OneSign identity management solutions up and running quickly.

Learn more about Imprivata OneSign identity management solutions, SSO access, and security convergence now.


Identity management solution resources

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