What Is SSO

What is SSO

SSO is what enterprises use to simplify password security


'What is SSO?' It's a common question, as many organizations are seeking answers to solving application password management problems. Users today must keep track of a great number of application passwords - 8 to 10 for the average user. And because so many applications require frequent password changes to heighten security, users often resort to jotting passwords down on slips of paper or leaving a list of passwords next to their monitor - hardly the kind of password security that most organizations hope to achieve. Single sign-on software (SSO) can address these issues.

So what is SSO? Single sign on technology (SSO) allows users to sign in just once to the network and have access to their authorized applications. Rather than remembering a dozen frequently-changing passwords, users need only remember one password. SSO can also integrate with strong authentication methods that avoid passwords altogether.

What is SSO best used for? The right SSO solution can streamline application access while improving security and increasing user productivity. Using SSO for the most often accessed applications can allow users to streamline their daily activities by not having to constantly re-enter their passwords. Or, for users who access applications that need more difficult passwords that can't be remembered because the user is not accessing the application regularly, but do need to use to get their jobs done, SSO can also be a saving grace.

Many SSO solutions, however, are costly to deploy and complex to manage and the benefit of SSO is negatively offset by increased cost and administrative burden. For an SSO access solution that is non-intrusive and easy to manage, companies today are turning to Imprivata.


Imprivata provides superior SSO solution


Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign On (SSO) is what savvy companies are using today to address identity management security and user authentication challenges. OneSign is an appliance-based approach that is easy to implement and manage - no other software or hardware is required to deploy and maintain, no changes to existing code or directories is required .


Reducing cost and complexity - what SSO is for


What is SSO from Imprivata best for? OneSign can help you:

  • Streamline application access: With OneSign you can automate the management of password security. OneSign enables all applications for enterprise SSO - including client/server, JAVA, legacy and Web applications and automatically enforces password policy and changes passwords when required.

  • Centralize compliance reporting. With the push of a button, administrators can produce a variety of reports - pre-built or customized - to show which users had access to what data, at what time and from which location.

  • Securely authenticate users. OneSign offers native support for a range of strong authentication options such as active and passive proximity cards, smart cards, finger biometrics, ID tokens and USB tokens.

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