SSO Access

SSO Access

SSO access solutions simplify password management and increase security


Single Sign On (SSO) access solution can dramatically simplify enterprise identity management security. Passwords are meant to ward off a security breach through secure authentication of users. But too often users have so many passwords to remember that they have to write them down next to their workstation to remember them, or share passwords with other users for more convenient access, reducing the effectiveness of password authentication. A single sign on security solution can solve these problems by providing SSO access - allowing users to gain access to all authorized applications after signing in just once to the network. But often SSO access technology is neither affordable nor easily managed. An application can be notoriously difficult to enroll for SSO. For organizations seeking an easy-to-use, non-intrusive and easy to manage SSO access solution, Imprivata has the answer.


Imprivata - an appliance based-approach to SSO access


Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions. Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign On (SSO) solves password management challenges by providing SSO access through an appliance-based solution. As an appliance, OneSign SSO cuts the cost and complexity of deployment and delivers fast return on investment. Beyond the OneSign appliance there is no additional hardware or software to purchase or maintain. There are no changes required to application code or directories, and users do not have to deal with inconvenient adjustments in their workflow. OneSign enables SSO access for all enterprise applications - legacy, Web, JAVA and client/server through the OneSign Application Profile Generator (APG) patented technology.


Enable SSO access to all applications simply and easily


Imprivata OneSign enables organizations to provide SSO access to all users simply and affordably. With OneSign you can:

  • Deploy quickly. OneSign's appliance-based approach minimizes installation time and requires no additional hardware or software to get you up and running. The result is reduced cost of installation, ongoing management and faster ROI.
  • Automate redundant tasks. OneSign does much of the work for you, including enabling all enterprise applications for single sign on access and changing passwords on behalf of users at specified intervals. These and other rules can be easily set in the robust policy engine.
  • Track, trace and report on access events. OneSign simplifies compliance reporting by giving administrators the choice of a variety of canned or customized reports on all user access events.
  • Improve productivity. With a self service password reset option, organizations can enable users to reset their own passwords, reducing help desk costs and allowing users to be more productive.
  • Easily integrate strong authentication with SSO. OneSign supports a variety of strong authentication technologies including fingerprint biometrics, USB tokens, proximity cards, smart cards and others.

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