Single Sign-On Application

Single sign-on application


Solve password problems with a single sign-on application


Passwords can be quite a hassle for organizations. Users on average must remember more than 12 different passwords to gain access to the applications they use every day - and security policy often requires that those passwords be changed frequently. In many organizations users have so much trouble remembering their passwords that they write them down and leave them by their work station for handy reference - actually increasing the security risk that passwords are designed to address. Forgotten passwords result in frequent calls to the help desk - a costly drain on IT resources.

A single sign-on application promises to address this issue by allowing users to logon once to the network and then have access to all the applications they need. But many single sign on applications don't measure up to the task: they are expensive to buy, costly to deploy, and difficult to manage - offsetting the cost-savings the application SSO enablement should provide. Today, savvy companies everywhere are turning to Imprivata for a single sign on application in an appliance-based solution that is affordable, easy-to-use and highly effective.


Imprivata - an appliance-based single sign-on application solution


Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign On is an appliance-based approach to single sign-on that enables organizations to easily and cost-effectively take advantage of a single sign-on application. The OneSign appliance reduces the cost of purchasing and deploying single sign-on software - it is easy to implement and requires no alterations to code, modifications to directories or inconvenient changes to end-user workflow. OneSign minimizes the time it takes to implement a single sign-on applications, reduces the amount of infrastructure needed to deploy it and cuts the cost of installation - helping to deliver faster return on investment. And by quickly reducing calls to the IT help desk, OneSign helps deliver immediate cost savings right out of the box.


A single solution for easier user sign-on to enterprise applications


Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On helps organizations to:

  • Simplify password management. OneSign includes technology to quickly enable all enterprise applications for single sign on. It also automates many routine aspects of password management, including changing passwords automatically on behalf of users.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance. OneSign enables administrators to quickly and easily produce reports detailing the who, what, when and from where users had access to information.
  • Deploy strong authentication. OneSign includes native support for strong authentication options such as ID tokens, proximity cards, smart cards, USB tokens, biometric authentication and more.
  • Provide self service password reset. OneSign enables users to reset their own passwords, eliminating calls to the help desk and increasing productivity.

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