Cloud solutions intelligence

Gain visibility into user behavior to detect risk and uncover insider threats

Imprivata FairWarning for Cloud Solutions is a turnkey solution that translates log data to help you understand what activity is occurring in your Salesforce environment and your office productivity applications like Microsoft 365 and others. The in-depth visibility and insights provided by using the Imprivata FairWarning platform save you time, improve security, reduce risk, and enable trust.


Identify insider threats

Detect internal threats like departing employees, privileged user abuse, and unauthorized data access.


Enhance data security

Gain visibility into risky user behaviors like data exfiltration, compromised credentials, and sensitive data access to protect data.


Simplify compliance

Automate compliance processes and forensic investigations to facilitate transparency into data access.


Monitor application performance, usage, and adoption

Boost Salesforce ROI through error and degradation monitoring while identifying unengaged users to provide just-in-time training.

ONC Certification Disclosures and Costs