COVID-19: Our house is on fire

On my last ER shift, the nurses and I were discussing how all-consuming the COVID-19 crisis is becoming for hospital leadership and front line staff alike...
It’s like our house is on fire and we really don’t have time to focus on anything else.

You want to bring us some more water? Great! Make sure our sprinkler system is working properly? Interested! But if you want to discuss anything thanks!

Like many of you, we are constructing tents in our parking lots. Putting thousands of elective procedures on hold. Closing down entire lines of business and opening up others. Converting Med floors to ICUs. Re-deploying armies of staff to different locations and roles. Preparing back up calls ten deep because we anticipate staff exposures and quarantines. Unbelievably, we are even piecing together eye shields ourselves because of the PPE (personal protective gear) shortage in this country. As a practicing physician with several years’ experience in hospital administration, I know how you really feel...

“Don’t bother us unless you can help us...for real.”

At Imprivata, we have a clinical team that truly understands the provider perspective (since we ARE doctors and nurses) and a company that takes its mission to help our customers to heart.

You have told us that you need to expand your remote access capabilities to help your workforce be productive while working safely from home and elsewhere.

So let’s do that. Right now.

We are now offering licenses to our enterprise multifactor authentication solution – Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access – at NO COST through July 31, 2020. For more information contact your Imprivata representative.

As we fight this crisis together, please send us your thoughts. What do you need? How can we help more? Have you done something helpful that others might benefit from hearing about? Please share.

Next week, we will cover some more of the helpful use cases that our customers are putting into action to address COVID-19.

Stay well and be safe.