Delivering More Value, Faster to Our Customers in the Imprivata FairWarning Promise Release



As many of you know, we recently accepted a financial partnership with Mainsail Partners San Francisco to enable us to deliver more value to our customers even faster, and to expand our vision globally of building trusted workforces with our customers through privacy, security, and governance.

During the due diligence process with Mainsail Partners, we gathered incredibly detailed feedback from our customers. Collecting this feedback was a third-party firm that is an expert in capturing thoughts that customers won’t normally tell the vendors themselves.

I directed Mainsail to conduct 2-3 times more surveys than what is normally recommended. I believed this was fair to Mainsail, would be great for Imprivata FairWarning, and would ultimately benefit our customers tremendously because we were committed to acting on the findings.  Some CEOs may have driven for the minimum diligence necessary, but at Imprivata FairWarning we believe in transparency, partnerships, and continually improving, so we pressed to have the firm do as many surveys as feasible.

The surveys found Imprivata FairWarning had a Net Promoter score of 52, which is excellent, but my favorite saying is “but we can do better than that” and it applies in this instance.  The great thing is that based on the customer feedback in those surveys, we now have the opportunity to grow our Net Promoter score even higher as we implement customer improvements based on the findings.

There are three findings since that survey was conducted a few months ago that we have become obsessed with:

#1. Face-to-Face Communication

The first finding in the surveys was Imprivata FairWarning can improve its communications with our customers.  We email, leave messages, run webinars and more, but in today’s busy world, there is just no replacement for getting face-to-face with our customers. Many of our customers weren’t aware of our many offerings that have evolved in the last 3 years, and that problem is on us.  It’s our job to communicate effectively. Many of our customers had evaluated us at some point in the past, but weren’t aware of how far we have come with innovations like the elimination of false positives using artificial intelligence, identity intelligence (correlating user identities for better analytics), Managed Privacy Services, and our very successful and growing SaaS-based cloud offering.

There are many things we can do to improve communications, but the number one thing we are doing is participating in face-to-face meetings with our customers. We are forming even better relationships with them by listening to them to help solve their problems and ensure they receive the most value possible.

#2. Saving Time for Our Customers is Priority One in Our Solutions

Our customers clearly communicated that they need more time, and while this has always been an internal product philosophy, it was explicit in the survey results that this should be a priority moving forward.

We immediately drove an internal initiative that we called the “Promise Release” which becomes available in September. The release closes the gaps between the promise of saving our customer’s time and the reality of what they have in place today. We will save customers time with things like auto-populating investigations, improved integration with 3rd party investigation tools, instant support with chat within the product, and ensuring that every customer can make use of our false positive elimination technology using artificial intelligence.

We had done a great job of laying the foundations for all these time-saving features but we needed to close the last mile on getting them done, and that is what the ‘Promise Release’ is all about.  You can bet we won’t stop after the Promise Release is delivered – we are obsessed with delivering value quickly for our customers.

#3. A Variety of Affordable Training Options

As the bar has risen for skillset, the need for expertise has risen in the world of healthcare privacy, security, and compliance. At the same time, there is a lot of attrition in the workforce of care providers, this means customers need to invest more in training than ever before. In 2018, we responded to this customer need for more affordable online training with the Imprivata FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence Platform called “Imprivata FairWarning Ready Certified Training”. This training program eliminates the need for travel and saves our customers time and money while delivering the same coursework as our traditional onsite class. We’ve also introduced Imprivata FairWarning Ready Master Training, which is for advanced Imprivata FairWarning usage. This is a Imprivata FairWarning onsite class that provides our most ambitious customers with the very same training that our own Managed Privacy Services team uses, which is also affordably priced.  This is in addition to our no-charge monthly online training sessions for all of our customers.

The due diligence through the selection process with Mainsail Partners was lengthy and extensive. We have used this opportunity to capture all of the constructive feedback in the process and have driven it promptly into the business of Imprivata FairWarning. We will continue to deliver more value, faster, and more reliably than ever before to benefit our customers.  We are obsessed with this vision.


Kurt J. Long
Founder, Imprivata FairWarning