Don’t Let IoMT Technology Impede Clinical Efficiency

Claire Reilly and Chris McKay
May 28, 2019

The rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has increased the number of shared mobile devices, vital sign monitors, and other technological solutions in healthcare. The IoMT has also increased the pressure healthcare organizations and providers face to ensure that these solutions are secure, reliable, efficient and consistent with clinical workflow. 

Imprivata understands the challenges new technologies often impose: they drive connectivity and system interoperability, but also add complexity through excessive layers of security. These systems need to be simplified and streamlined if they are to behave efficiently in providing real-time visibility to providers. 

Nurses have been increasingly impacted by these challenges of balancing security and convenience. They’re concerns of losing face time with patients, and workflow slow-downs imposed by security barriers are real concerns. 

To provide guidance on appropriate management of IoMT, Imprivata recently held a webinar providing insight on IoMT deployment strategies and tips for avoiding complications. 

The webinar offers ways to achieve a balance between security and convenience so healthcare organizations can maintain an efficient workflow while seamlessly integrating IoMT technologies. Reaching this balance will drive bottom-line savings and give back valuable face-to-face time to clinicians and their patients. 

To listen to the webinar, please click here. To read more about Imprivata and the IoMT, click here.