Healthcare News Watch 3/11/13

Even after North America’s biggest health IT convention of the year, the industry news still does not take a break!  As the heated Discussion over CNN’s movie on fixing healthcare rages on, and while Eric Topol saves yet another life on a plane with a mobile app, check out what news we are following this week below!

We are interested in the quest for interoperability, Bill Clinton’s future plans for health care and HIMSS’ post-convention insight on doctors’ relationship with IT.

What are you reading this week?

In Pursuit Of Interoperability For The Common Good, Forbes Online - In this guest post by Arien Malec (VP of Strategy and Product Marketing at RelayHealth), and David McCallie MD (VP of Medical Informatics at Cerner). the pair discuss their plans for systems interoperability and its importance to the health IT industry. Why this push to make systems talk to each other? Malec and McCallie "feel that all of these services are foundational to a scalable, federated, “targeted query” access model."

Bill Clinton Stumps For Health IT At HIMSS, InformationWeek - Health IT can bring "huge collective clout" to "little people," including small hospitals, lower-income populations and consumers in general, a factor that could help determine whether health reform succeeds or fails, according to former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Speaking Wednesday to an overflow crowd at the HIMSS annual conference in New Orleans, Clinton noted that health IT can improve the cost and quality of access to care in addition to cost and quality of care itself.

Your Doc Will Love It!, HIMSS Insights - Far too many clinical IT systems were cobbled together over the years, resulting in systems that are too hard to navigate and ignored by doctors. Could new interface technology deliver systems that doctors actually praise? Imprivata was mentioned in the article in a discussion about SSO and features quotes from our VP of international sales, Mark Clark.