How to Overcome Unprecedented Business Challenges Using Salesforce



How to Overcome Unprecedented Business Challenges Using Salesforce

During times of flux, the resulting uncertainty seems to disrupt the processes and procedures you’ve worked hard to establish. However, with a powerful tool like Salesforce, you can take times of change and turn them into opportunities, setting you up for success both during and long after establishing a new normal.

If your company has enabled a remote workforce, adopted new digital services, or taken business processes online practically overnight, you’re not alone. Fortunately, utilizing Salesforce can help you establish the right infrastructure quickly, keep costs down, and secure your priceless business data.

With practical business continuity advice from industry experts, Overcoming Unprecedented Business Challenges with Salesforce offers insights, advice, and best practices to optimize your business with Salesforce. In this whitepaper, you’ll find tips – from people who have likely faced many of the same challenges as you – for getting started, optimizing your operations, and maximizing your investment.

Mike Mason, Imprivata FairWarning’s VP of Financial Services and Emerging Markets, was asked by Mason Frank International, the author of the whitepaper, to share his insights to help organizations and professionals optimize their business – even during unprecedented times. Mike contributes his Salesforce knowledge, particularly that of data security, which is one of the key challenges businesses are facing. Some of the other top challenges this report covers include:

  • Optimizing resources
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Cutting costs
  • Upgrading infrastructure
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Enabling remote work
  • Growing at scale

Visit Mason Frank International to read the whitepaper and gain actionable advice from cloud experts to secure your Salesforce data, reduce expenses, optimize remote working efficiency, and accelerate project delivery.