The Importance of Trust in Today’s Healthcare System

At HIMSS18, Imprivata’s President and Chief Executive, Gus Malezis, sat down with Health Data Management editor Tracy Granzyk to discuss the importance of establishing and maintaining trust in the ever-expanding technology ecosystem. In his Q-and-A sit-down with Tracy, Malezis addresses what trust means in today's healthcare system and why it's so essential. He also explains what the industry needs to do to maintain trust and improve the patient experience.

 “In healthcare, technology has to be invisible, it has to work, it has to function, without requiring a lot of intervention by the doctors, the nurses, or even the patient for that matter,” said Malezis. “Trust is such a pivotal word. You know, when you look at healthcare, you automatically think of trust. When you walk into a clinic, when you walk into a GPs office, when you walk into a hospital, you walk in with trust.”

And yet, in the digital world, Malezis explains, that level of trust doesn’t really exist – whether you’re in healthcare or outside of the healthcare context. In the case of what doctors consider to be “secure” email, for example, users want to know from the beginning that there is a chain of custody until the communication reaches its final destination. Users also want to know that the sender is indeed the actual person represented by the “Sender” identification tag. Otherwise the medical professional can’t make necessary life-dependent decisions based on that email.

Watch the full video with Gus Malezis here.