Imprivata adds Frost and Sullivan North American Customer Value Enhancement Award

Last week, Frost and Sullivan named Imprivata the recipient of the 2012 North American Customer Value Enhancement Award in Healthcare. For this award, Frost and Sullivan analysts apply their 360-Degree Perspective™ taking into account all aspects of a company’s business from market drivers, customer value, industry partnerships, return on investment for the solution and overall financial stability of the organization. We’re particularly proud to add this recognition to the American Hospital Association endorsement, KLAS performance and Gartner Marketscope rating.

You can download the full report from our website, but here are the key points. Frost and Sullivan’s research and award reinforces the role that Imprivata is playing in driving the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR). Time and time again we hear how the transition to EMR is difficult for many providers, especially when the very first experience an already skeptical doctor has involves remembering and typing multiple usernames and passwords (not to mention forgetting those passwords, calling tech support, or working around them by sharing credentials or just writing them down on sticky notes) – that’s entirely too many clicks. And that’s exactly what Frost and Sullivan’s research found: “Frost & Sullivan’s independent competitive benchmarking shows that this is the space where Imprivata has excelled in comparison with their competitors.” By streamlining access and workflows with No Click Access®, Imprivata eliminates an enormous barrier to EMR adoption and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) – just ask the over 900 hospitals that rely on Imprivata each day.

The report also notes our history of innovation. Frost and Sullivan considered our rich portfolio of patents and highlighted our support of virtual desktop environments and zero clients, acknowledging the broad industry partnerships that Imprivata has with leading EMR and healthcare infrastructure vendors including Epic, Cerner, Siemens, MEDITECH, Healthland, VMware, Citrix, EMC, Dell, Teradici and Wyse. The combined benefits of desktop virtualization, zero clients and No Click Access® with deep integration into the EMR applications are creating an extremely compelling value proposition for healthcare.

I’ll leave the conclusion to Frost and Sullivan because, well, I couldn’t have said it better….


“Imprivata believes that delivering a healthcare IT security solution that drives EMR adoption and improves physician productivity must streamline access management while optimizing clinical workflows…Healthcare IT solutions require a deeper understanding of the clinical workflow. Frost & Sullivan competitive benchmarking of the Electronic Medical Records Market clearly shows that this is where Imprivata excels, in eliminating inefficiency and redundancy and optimizing healthcare workflow. It is because of all these parameters that Imprivata Inc., has been bestowed with the 2012 Customer Value Enhancement Award recognition in North America for Single-Sign-On (SSO) Healthcare IT Solution.”