From Imprivata Booth 118 at Siemens Innovations – Las Vegas

We’re at Siemens Innovations this week in Las Vegas. Temperatures are well into the hundreds, but it’s a dry heat. Not sure what that means exactly because it is still oppressive. Anyway, the show has been fantastic. What a great group of people, from Siemens and their customers, as well as all the other great Siemens partners that are participating. What are we hearing? Signing on to desktops and applications is extremely painful! Remembering all the different passwords, trying to type them in while a patient is waiting for you, the time it takes for the applications to load… We need to simplify access to EMR and hospital IT systems for our clinicians! For those that know Imprivata, and for those that have been introduced to us this week, the response has been consistent; We can simplify access saving clinicians 15 minutes per day and help drive EMR adoption.

Another common theme we’re hearing is the move to virtual desktops (VDI). Many of the folks we’ve spoken with are moving there or starting to investigate VDI for their hospitals. Reasons include simplicity, a common look and feel for their doctors and clinicians, and remote or mobile access. How can we help with VDI? All the same benefits – No Click Access® to virtual desktops and applications (look for the video here), secure desktop roaming, and Walk Away security.

What are we showing? We’ve got a VMware View environment configured with Siemens Soarian and Imprivata OneSign, along with Teradici-enabled zero clients. With the collaboration of all four of our companies, we have a single environment that spans the Siemens, VMware, and Imprivata booths with the ability to roam virtual desktops between all three booths with the single tap of an ID badge. We’re roaming between Windows-based clients, zero clients, and mobile devices including iPad and Android devices. Roaming desktops provide a huge benefit to doctors and clinicians as they can open all of their applications once in the morning, all without needing to remember any usernames or passwords, of course, and take that desktop with them wherever they may go throughout the day.

You might have noticed how I casually dropped in “OneSign, along with Teradici-enabled zero clients”. If you want to see more of how we provide strong authentication with the tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint (what we like to call No Click Access®) from a zero client come and see us here at Siemens Innovations at booth number 118 or at VMWorld Las Vegas at booth 1070 from August 29th.

Are you using VDI? Are you trying to understand how VDI can help you? Are you looking at or waiting for zero clients? Let us know…