Imprivata leading the way in the IAM category in the KLAS Cybersecurity 2017 report

With 90% of healthcare organizations breached in the past two years,1 it’s no wonder that cybersecurity has become a front-and-center priority of the healthcare industry. In the recent KLAS Cybersecurity 2017 report, healthcare organizations revealed how they’re approaching security strategies to help combat security threats.

There’s no doubt that security is top of mind. In fact, 62% of the time, security is an agenda item at board meetings within healthcare organizations. While healthcare feels behind when it comes to cybersecurity, they are continuing to focus on foundational technologies. Emerging categories including mobile device management (MDM), identity and access management (IAM), data loss prevention (DLP), and security information and event management (SIEM) has yet to make the projected impact due in part to still-maturing deployments and lack of resources and understanding.

For IAM, according to the respondents to the KLAS report, Imprivata was seen as leading the way. IAM solutions are about providing access to authorized individuals and verifying their identities. While not a complete IAM solution, Imprivata was seen as exceling in identity management with strong single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and biometric scanning.

When asked about their cybersecurity strategies, healthcare organizations mentioned Imprivata as one of the top two vendors who help them implement IAM and who is unmatched in terms of performance. Customers of Imprivata reported that they find the products reliable, and they know that they can depend on good support. Imprivata products are seen as easy to use, which helps clinicians remain secure without disrupting their clinical workflows.  

A CISO stated, “We love Imprivata. For clinicians, the ability to roam from workstation to workstation and the desktop roaming and password management components are very good with Imprivata. They try to keep up with the most current technology, so they have done a good job of ensuring they stay current.”

In terms of overall effectiveness, Imprivata scored the highest with a 7.5 on a scale out of 9 – whereas the market average was only a 6.6.  

With healthcare organizations focused on avoiding the next security breach, understanding which technologies have the greatest impact is critical. Focusing not only on traditional technology – but also emerging technologies – is essential to developing a robust security strategy.

About the KLAS Cybersecurity 2017 Report

In partnership with CHIME, KLAS has interviewed over 200 organizations about their security programs.  In the Cybersecurity 2017 report, the focus is on the most impactful and useful technologies including DLP, IAM, MDM, and SIEM, and the services provider organizations use most frequently to meet security needs. Organizations were interviewed and shared insights regarding their security programs.

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