Imprivata Professional Services Announces New Services Offerings Portfolio

Professional Services are not something that should only be considered during the initial implementation of Imprivata OneSign. As our customer base has grown through the years, we’ve seen their personnel come and go, departments change, infrastructure develop and new technology appear. What doesn’t change is the need to provide simple secure access even though regulations get more rigorous and security threats become greater.

As a result, Imprivata Professional Services has developed a number of services offerings to complement our existing services portfolio designed to help our customers make the most of their existing investments and ensure that they are receiving the benefits our both their, and our, latest technology.

Below are just few of the more popular offerings that we have built for new and existing customers that are included in our Services Offerings Portfolio:

  • Clinical Workflow Analysis – A critical success factor when implementing OneSign is to understand and integrate with your existing clinical workflows; this will help minimize changes and maximize the user acceptance and success of the project.. This offering will leverage the extensive experience of Imprivata Professional Services to match the right technology to physician workflow requirements providing the fastest and most secure access to clinical data.
  • One-Touch Roaming VDI Integration – Many of our customers are beginning to leverage a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to provide users with a single personalized desktop that can follow them from machine to machine as they work. This offering is designed to help both new and existing VDI customers leverage Imprivata OneSign to provide one touch roaming of the virtual desktop using strong authentication.
  • Deployment Reporting Module – Provide snapshot level summaries as well as trended data analysis of your deployment of OneSign. The Reporting Module is designed to provide an overview of the critical variables of the rollout such as success rates for applications, machine logins, and machine usage.

For more information on these services offerings, please contact