Increase Physician Adoption of EHRs

On April 21st, the HIT Policy Committee Certification/Adoption Workgroup held a meeting to discuss Electronic Health Record (EHR) usability. The discussions provoked a variety of opinions and thoughts on setting guidelines as part of Stage 2 Meaningful Use. What needs to be highlighted in these discussions is the difficulty physicians experience in accessing EHR and other healthcare IT systems. It is important to address the amount of time physicians spend remembering multiple usernames/passwords, waiting for a computer to boot up, accept their credentials and finally get them to the right place in the patient’s chart. These vital minutes lost could instead turn into increased time spent with patients and an increase in revenues.

Usability begins with pre-login to the EHR solution. Providing physicians No Click Access® to patient information saves time and will help move Meaningful Use and physician adoption of EHRs in the right direction.