Leveraging technology to simplify clinical workflow

What role does technology play in a provider’s ability to deliver the best patient care? A large one. Imprivata President and Chief Executive, Gus Malezis, explores the impact technology has on the productivity level of providers in a recent article for The Health Care Blog. Gus delves into the ways the healthcare IT industry must create higher standards for technology that will increase efficiency, instead of hindering it. He explains how physicians compromise care and efficiency by battling with technology, which also add to the recent rise in physician burnout.

“Healthcare IT helped health systems move from file folders to digital patient records, but not in a way that allows providers to seamlessly hunt through data and extract value,” said Gus. “In fact, we made things more difficult by introducing the burden of duplicate records, which can cause unnecessary and costly duplicate testing, ineffective treatments, unintended medication interactions, and inappropriate care that can harm patients.”

In the article, Gus asserts that the healthcare IT industry must fix the notion that technology acts as a burden, and “raise the bar” to provide platforms that enhance the clinical workflow for providers. Gus makes a call to action saying, “It’s up to us, healthcare IT. Let’s get out there and innovate for the sake of our providers.”

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