Live from HIMSS18: Imprivata-Welch Allyn medical device solution balances security with convenience

The HIMSS18 Conference & Exhibition (March 5-9 in Las Vegas) kicked off yesterday, and we’re already getting great feedback on the Imprivata-Welch Allyn integrated solution for medical devices. Soon to be globally available for both Welch Allyn Connex® Spot Monitor and Welch Allyn Connex® Vital Signs Monitor, you can get a preview demo of this integrated solution on both devices at Imprivata booth #2854 and Welch-Allyn booth #3249.

Come check it out! This solution comes just as the healthcare industry is trying to address what is perhaps its single biggest challenge in 2018: medical device security.

By successfully integrating Imprivata Confirm ID with the Welch Allyn Connex® Spot Monitors and Vital Signs Monitors, this solution enables fast, secure authentication for accessing and transacting with patient information.

HIMSS attendees have been excited about this integrated solution. Booth visitors like that it addresses key security concerns that previously inhibited the effective and secure use of interconnected medical devices by clinicians.

By integrating Imprivata Confirm ID for Medical Devices with Welch Allyn devices, we’re replacing antiquated systems for access and use. So instead of the cumbersome, insecure manual entry of usernames and passwords, clinicians will have fast, automated authentication through the simple tap of a badge. This improves efficiency, of course – a hallmark of Imprivata Confirm ID – and lets healthcare organizations optimize their use of interconnected medical devices to improve the delivery of care while maintaining security and meeting compliance requirements.

This solution comes at a time when interconnected medical devices are ever more prevalent in the delivery of patient care and the transmission of patient data. Because each device represents a threat – that is, an opportunity for exposure of valuable patient information – each one must be safeguarded.

Enforcing user authentication to access these devices limits security threats, but adding such security layers introduces potential barriers to patient care – especially if existing authentication is the tedious entry of usernames and passwords.

And that’s the key value of the integrated Imprivata-Welch Allyn solution – it balances security with convenience by enabling fast, secure user authentication to access medical devices.

Swing by our booth to see how we’re helping protect PHI, giving hospitals better visibility into clinical interactions with patient data and medical devices, while eliminating barriers to care.

Are you at HIMSS18? Come see us at booth #2854 and get a demo of our Welch Allyn integrated solution. Schedule your visit by booking a private meeting.


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