New Imprivata FairWarning Dashboard Experience Offers Enhancements to Save Time and Increase Efficiency



New Imprivata FairWarning Dashboard Experience Offers Enhancements to Save Time and Increase Efficiency

The November release of Imprivata FairWarning offers a new dashboard experience with exciting features, including new widgets and functionalities that allow you to streamline your workflow within the application.

Upon adopting the enhanced System Overview dashboard view, customers will benefit from an overall better user experience.  Among other things, you will notice easier, more intuitive navigation within the platform, making it simpler than ever to know where to go to find the information you want.

The dashboard boasts several new widgets, based on permissions set up in the system and designed to help you start your day looking at the things that matter most.

  • System Progress lets you easily monitor the status of your alerts and investigations, so you can better prioritize the items requiring your attention.
  • Alerts Overview gives a summarized view of open and closed alerts, with rings to show progress as you review your alerts and complete your tasks.
  • Investigations displays a quick snapshot of which automated alerts resulted in investigations.
  • Alerts by Owner shows how many alerts are closed or open to review by owner, so you can track each owner’s progress.

The Recently Viewed section grouped by object – Investigations, Alerts, etc. allows you a rapid return to your most recent work, and Quick Links provide a shortcut for navigating around the system, improving maneuverability and getting you to where you need to go next more quickly and easily.

The ability to adjust timeframes at the click of a button means you have the freedom to view information by day, week, month, or quarter and provides instant access to the most relevant insights.

Behind the scenes, the enhanced dashboard demonstrates improved performance and speed, faster rendering of data, and dynamic resizing of the webpage, all of which add up to time back in your busy schedule.

And this is not the end.  Imprivata FairWarning is continuing to invest to improve the usability and increase the efficiency of your monitoring program to ensure customer success. Customers should expect to see additional dashboard features and functionality, such as the ability to include custom fields in the Alerts widget, coming soon!