Secure User Access and VDI: Improving Productivity with Secure “Follow-Me” Desktops

This week Imprivata announced its partnership with VMware, an exciting time for our company as more and more customers and prospects inquire about combining virtual desktops with simplified and secure user access to improve user productivity. Partnering with a market leader like VMware presents a great opportunity for both organizations to deliver a secure working environment that allows end users to access their desktops from machines in any location.

As readers here know, healthcare is a big focus for Imprivata, and this sector is actively deploying virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). It makes a lot of sense. Healthcare environments have unique workflow requirements, relying heavily on shared workstations as doctors, nurses and staff go from room to room, patient to patient. Virtual desktops give clinicians the freedom that comes with roaming sessions which means they can treat more patients, spend more time with patients and have critical information at their fingertips. Securing the user experience within the virtual desktop means that patient data is easily accessible yet protected from inappropriate access – and clinicians are empowered by a secure “Follow-Me” desktop wherever they are, especially in an increasingly mobile environment.

Combining virtual desktops and secure user access is a win-win combination for productivity and security – whether in a hospital setting, a government agency setting or any other corporate business setting, organizations need to explore whether VDA can be a boon for workflow and must ensure data security at the same time.

Secure user access and VDI: they’re great together, and great for workflow. Are you exploring or deploying virtual desktops? Tell us your story; we’d love to hear it!