Strengthening our Epic connection

I took a brief excursion last week to Madison, Wisconsin with a couple of colleagues to update the folks at Epic about hospitals that use systems from both Epic and Imprivata: we have more than 60 customers in common. With Epic at their epicenter, where does Imprivata No Click Access® fit into the ecosystem of these hospitals?

To discover the answer we asked some of them; it turns out that they fall into three camps:

  • Tap a badge: gain access to the workstation, launch Epic, and log in
  • Tap a badge: gain access to the workstation, and single sign-on to multiple applications
  • Tap a badge or swipe a fingerprint for e-Prescribing and CPOE to meet the positive identification requirements of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

Two things stood out about our visit to Epic.

  • Their focus on customers
    While Epic doesn’t partner with other vendors, they pay attention to customers, so the fact that so many of their customers use Imprivata is important to them. Our latest #1 in KLAS score resonated: they examine their own KLAS score monthly to understand customer feedback, as do we. If you have a KLAS account, log in to KLAS to take a look at the latest scores for single-sign on.
  • Their focus on culture
    Their campus was architected by a firm that had worked with both Microsoft and Disney – and you can tell! Each building has a theme: we saw castles, dragons, space, jungles. Angel/demon elevators (one for up, one for down), an enormous rocking horse, a spiral slide between floors – and a huge grin on each employee who came down it. And beautiful paintings and sculpture everywhere.

We had a good discussion about e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (are cheese curds a controlled substance?) and the DEA regulations. The feedback we’ve had from physicians is that fingerprint readers are much more usable than one time password tokens. The DEA regulations for EPCS specify a FIPS standard that precludes prox cards as a factor.

To wrap up the day, we met with Ben, who runs the Imprivata No Click Access deployment at Mercy Health System, where it was rolled out with Epic simultaneously. The resulting clinician satisfaction is very high because of the improved workflows and faster access to patient records. At the same time, it has eliminated all excuses for sharing credentials by making user login and application access both fast and easy. They now have single sign-on to 56 applications!